What are the two types wood we have

What are the two types wood we have

   The study of the structure of wood,The two types of wood ,especially the microscopic structure of wood is

called WOOD ANATOMY.(What are the two types wood we have):A cross-section of a tree

grown in temperate region reveals the central,darker,

dead heart wood (phloem) and the outer,lighter,living (at least in part) sapwood (xylem).Each of these regions consists of concentric bands or growth rings. Usually one growth ring is

formed during a growing season: however, some tropical trees lack growth rigs.(Identification of wood)

       There are types of woods, The main being soft wood and hard wood.

1.Soft wood:The structure of soft wood or gymnosperms such as pine is relatively simple and homogenous.Most of the wood consist of bordered pits in their sidewalls.they are also thin bands of brick like, living cells radiating from the center. These vascular rays are uniseriated or only one cell wide,as seen in cross sections. In addition, some woods of gymnosperm have axial or spruces and hemlocks,pines,palm trees and fig tree their calorific value is very low.the rate combustion is high ,so they burn into ash. They have high emission of pollutant smoke.

2.Hard woods: The structure of hard wood or in other words known as angiosperms, such as oak,

is more complex and heterogeneous than that of soft wood or gymnosperm.In addition to trachieds

and uniseriated vascular bundles, there are vesssel elements, wood fibres,axial wood parenchyma

cells and multiseriated vascular rays.further examples of hard wood are magniferaindica(mango), terminalia superba (fruit tree) and clorophora excelsa (iroko). They have broad leaves and they have high calorifical value.

        The two types of wood

wood is one of the most valueable thing or substance created by God and it is very important to human being……Th production of books, most cuttons and many essential usable objects and substance are been produced by the use of wooden materials, that makes the use of wood to be very essential and necessary to mankind. The study of wood and it manufacturing ways have been the sole aim of many industries today.T

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