Things you should know about Toyota Belta

Things you should know about Toyota Belta

The Toyota Belta is one of the smallest classes of the compact sedan from Toyota. It was officially released for sale towards the end of 2005 as a successor to Toyota Platz and until it was discontinued, is rated among the top mid-range Toyota sedans. The sleek vehicle designed a small and compact sedan that is smooth on the road and has soft handling. It boasts a lovely body design and a remarkable interior with soft touches of class all over it.

Belta boasts features and specifications that are mixed together to provide quality on and off the road. Some of the core exterior features include Alloy Wheels, Roof Rail and lights. The Alloy Wheels provide secondary support to the tires and enhance smoother movement on the road and also beautifies the car in the sleekest of fashion. The Roof Rail gives room for additional luggage despite the compact size of the sedan.

The sedan boasts two types of engine: 1.0-liter inline 3-cylinder engine and 1.3-liter inline 4-cylinder engine, both high-mechanism twin-cam engines. The fuel consumption is premium with different engines to support. The lowest displacement is 1000 CC 1KR-FE. All the engines were available in inline 4 technology with straight 4 cylinders in line. As these are the cars made keeping the economy of fuel in mind, so the displacement size is accordingly.

The automatic transmission added a modern taste of experience without the need to much of mechanical intervention followed by a manual transmission. The manual transmission springs the typical feel with quality boosted. The CTV (Continuously Variable Transmission) further gave unlimited gear proportions that bring fuel efficiency in low cost.

Foreign Used Toyota Belta in Kenya

Locally Used Toyota Belta in Kenya

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