How can i learn faster or easiest way to learn

How can i learn faster or easiest way to learn: Learning is very simple if you make it a priority and something to do on a daily basis.WHAT IS LEARNING:Learning means the acquisition of new knowledge and the ability to adapt or accept new information.

WHY DOES LEARNING NEW POSITIVE THING SEEMS DIFFICULT: Mainly looking at it today, to learn bad behavior, skills,or to be informed negatively is very simple and easy reason is because so many people have patterned their mind and thinking to such abnormal content and all they think each time is negative thought that’s why the easily give consent and adapt to negative content, behavior,morals and standards.

NOTE:Every body can learn and every one is created to grow in learning and in acquisition but what makes the difference is 1) what to learn,2) when to learn 3) where to learn or the environment to stay for learn and 4) reasons or benefit of what you are about to learn.


How can i learn faster or easiest way to learn:Seeking for knowledge is not easy but nevertheless we must advance while we grow.Best way to learn defers according to human differences but here we will deliberate on a normal view of BEST WAY TO LEARN.

I WANT TO LEARN, this should be you sayings every day and you have to work towards it with all hard working effort and commitment to learning and education.You learn faster when you stick to education and be passionate, humble and loyal to adapt to new audit or skills to acquire new knowledge.

YOU LEARN THIS WAY: Give majority of your time reading in a quiet environment and make conscious effort to see that you are not been distracted by any thing.

make a good company and be a friend to learned people because they have 70% impact to make in your learning.Your friends either make you or mare you.Friends plays a crucial role in your learning and acquisition of new knowledge.

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