The need for Agriculture

 Priorities on Agriculture

The need for Agriculture: Priorities needs to be placed on agricultural product and the  manufacturing of raw materials. Since the year 2000 up to this day, Agriculture has been a do without in the the whole society and this reason calls for more attention to be placed on Agriculture. Half of the economy of the nation will be preserved and saved if proper attention is been given to the activities  of agriculture. Agriculture is the cultivation of crops and rearing of animals.This two component which is among the most relivant activities consistently done while agricultural activities is been done, serves as the most needed provisions in the society.

The need for agriculture would include not only sufficient Knowledge of the biological and agricultural Sectors, but also the rules  and Regulations regulating agricultural activities. Applicants have practical Experience on The ground assist their other proves, so working at a Meat processing Plant or Farm has large additional Incentives to Get into the Agricultural Inspection Industry.



Agricultural Technology was developed by Scientists and Farmers and referred to as urban Agriculture. This is a big Step in agricultural Invention. Scientists have developed a new Technique called “Hydroponics ,” in which plants are grown with mineral Nutrient Solutions instead of the soil normally used. Another new Technique is called vertical Farming, where Farmers grow Crops in Skyscrapers.

Some advanced farming Techniques need to be used to keep soil fertility at a certain acceptable Level and prevent Deterioration. At the moment, the Situation of many states get worst and terifying because the high economy has resulted to low feed, but if agriculture can be placed as one of the priorities, solution is not far, but it is heading in the wrong direction to notice that the youth lose or lacks interest in farm activities. The Government recognises the Importance of this Problem and provides Support to Farmers to enable the youth and young ones see the beaulty of agriculture and how interesting it could be to pratice it.

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